Glynde place, east sussex 5-7th July 2024

We asked you to share your favourite memories from Love Supreme over the years and you delivered.

Read on for a selection of our favourites from your stories. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences of our festival with us and look forward to welcoming you back to the show this year, and in the coming years.

Sue Savage

Two lovely people meet, part of our jazz Cancer survivors group. These ladies had a really rough time and came out smiling. Truly inspirational.

Samantha Noakes

My best memory was Soul 2 Soul. They were on my bucket list. Loved them for ever, and I got to see them at Glynde. I was in a world of my own, they were out of this world. Afterwards, I went for a drink and they asked if they could share my table. Of course, I said yes.

Janet Lomdardelli

My son introducing me to Tom Misch; one year and me introducing them to The Brand New Heavies; and loving Gregory Porter together

Bob Swain

It was only the second ever Love Supreme way back in 2014 when I discovered the importance of being early. I wandered into an empty tent, settled down with my morning coffee, expecting little to happen until later in the day. An unknown act was due on at midday. I wasn’t expecting anything – just a little background music to while away the opening hour or so of the festival. But it turned out to be an hour that changed my life. The band was Mathew Halsall’s Gondwana Orchestra, previewing its new album When The World Was One. The band’s unique brand of spiritual jazz filtered through to parts that music had never reached before and I was hooked. It was an amazing start to an amazing Festival. I went straight to the on-site record store and bought the CD – becoming an instant messiah to all my friends, preaching the beauty of Halsall’s music. He’s been a constant musical companion ever since and I was even inspired to pick up an instrument to begin a whole new lease of life on my very own jazz odyssey. It was no surprise to come across him once again at Love Supreme last year way up the billing as his star had steadily risen over the intervening eight years. But I’ll always be grateful to Love Supreme for giving me all those extra years with his glorious sound – and for changing my life forever. Just remember the secret – be there and be early!



Alexa Bamb – The first time I brought my kids, they were 2 and 5, it was a beautiful day and a group of boys gave my 5yr old a football to play with, he was over the moon and kicked the ball to me while shouting the good news, I accidentally kicked the ball too hard and it headed straight towards my 2yr olds head, somehow he caught it, saving not only his face but my embarrassment! Roughly 20 different people around us cheered and whooped, my 2yr old just looking around with ball in hand, before a smile slowly spread across his face. He’s been obsessed with football and Love Supreme ever since 😊
Zoe Kingston – dancing with my best friend of 36 years to TLC “No Scrubs”
Jo Branscombe – Jumping around to Mixtape [Jamie Cullum] with an amazing crowd.
Sheila Marrinan –  There is nothing not to LOVE about Love Supreme Festival
Kate Swanson – Watching Gregory Porter with ALL of our friends and dancing as the sun set!
Jazzbeart77 – Too many more talents to name. I was in heaven! It was such a special weekend, the weather was superb and the massive friendly vibe was fantastic!
Jamie Salisbury – such a privilege to see the great man [Chick Corea] perform like the legend he is, with a great band and with the audience in the palm of his hand, only 18 months before he sadly passed away.
Sharon Tasker – My friend that I had not seen for 10 years travelled all the way from Kenya, to do this festival with me. We sat in the sunshine and watched George Benson, Gregory Porter and Kamasi Washington it was heaven on earth.

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