This year we are delighted to have teamed up with The Pop Up Hotel to offer a range of glamping options at Love Supreme to suit all budgets and requirements. We will be offering the full range of tents available in the past, plus some additional options, as well as a dedicated glamping reception team.

If you are a festival first-timer, or a reluctant general camper, then let The Pop-Up Hotel look after you. The Pop-Up Hotel is a great option for those of you who just don't want to carry and put up a tent to those of you who want a proper bed and your own en-suite shower room / toilet - plus everything in between.

In addition, no matter which accommodation you choose at The Pop-Up Hotel, you will have access to an exclusive chill out area where you can relax, plan your day and importantly charge your phone / camera. The Hotel reception team will be available to welcome you, help you with your luggage and assist you with any other guest services you require during your stay. You will have access to high quality showers and toilets and to a pamper area with hairdryers and dressing tables. It's just like staying in a hotel but you'll be in the heart of the festival.

Glamping is on sale now

If you are glamping you will need to purchase either a Weekend Camping* or Weekend Supremium Camping Ticket via the Love Supreme website and then choose your glamping option from The Pop Up Hotel's page.

*please note if you purchase a standard Weekend Camping ticket you will not have access to other Supremium facilities other than the campsite while at the festival.

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