Live-In Vehicles

Live-In Vehicles


We welcome live-in vehicles so that those who enjoy some creature comforts will feel at home while at Love Supreme.


  • The Live-in Vehicle Fields are only for vehicles that are genuinely built or adapted for sleeping, specifically: Campervans, Caravans, Van Conversions (with a DVLA certificate to prove Motor Home re-classification), Trailer Tents, Rooftop Tents
  • Cars are not permitted in the Live-In Vehicle Fields unless they are towing a Caravan, Trailer Tent or come with a Rooftop Tent
  • ‘On-the-ground' camping is not permitted
  • Live-In Vehicles must have sufficient capacity for the number of occupants and you may not pitch a tent beside your Live-in Vehicle for any of your group to sleep in
  • Awnings are allowed as long they fit within the pitch. Sleeping in awnings is not permitted
  • You may park only one Live-in Vehicle OR one towing vehicle and Caravan/Trailer Tent per pitch. Please purchase the correct size Live-In Vehicle Pitch for your-set up.
  • A Live-In Vehicle User Ticket needs to be purchased for each person staying in a Live-In Vehicle.

The above regulations are in place to help us deliver a safe environment within the Live-in Vehicle Fields. If you don't meet the above requirements, unfortunately entry will not be permitted and we will be unable to refund your ticket.


We offer two ticket types for people staying in Live-In Vehicles:

  • Standard Live-In Vehicle User tickets give general access to the festival and Live-In Vehicle Fields from Friday to Monday.
  • Supremium Live-In Vehicle User ticket holders get all the benefits of standard tickets but also have exclusive access to Supremium, an area within the festival arena with premium facilities and toilets. However, please note that live-in vehicles are not permitted in the Premium Campsite and there isn't a Supremium area in the Live-In Campervan Fields.


We offer three pitch sizes:

  • Regular Live-In Vehicle Pitch (up to 6 metres) is suitable for live-in vehicles up to 6 metres in length. Max pitch size is 7 x 7m
  • Large Live-In Vehicle Pitch (6 to 10 metres) is suitable for live-in vehicles from 6 to 10 metres in length. Max pitch size is 7 x 10m
  • Extra Large Live-In Vehicle Pitch (over 10 metres) is suitable for live-in vehicles over 10 metres in length. Max pitch size is 10 x 13m


If you want to have an electrical hook-up, please purchase a Live-In Vehicle Power ticket from our ticket page. We recommend buying this in advance as it may not be available on the day. Please buy the power type that corresponds with your pitch size:

  • Regular Live-In Vehicle Power provides a supply of up to 10 amps
  • Large Live-In Vehicle Power provides a supply of up to 10 amps
  • Extra Large Live-In Power provides a supply of up to 16 amps


We provide clearly marked Elson tanks for Grey and Black waste. There are water points where you can fill up containers by hand. Please note, vehicles aren't permitted to drive up to the water points to refill.

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