Glynde place, east sussex 4-6th July 2025

Baque Luar is a London-based collective of female and non-binary vocalists and percussionists from diverse backgrounds, united by their love of Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian roots music. Their music focuses on honouring feminine power and creativity, acknowledging struggles against oppression and praising nature at this critical ecological moment.

Drawing inspiration from the rich soundscapes and traditions of maracatu, coco, bumba meu boi, tambores de Minas, and ciranda as well as sacred rhythms of Brazilian Candomblé, Baque Luar combines original multivocal compositions and arrangements with powerful percussive grooves. .Meaning ’moonlit beat’, Baque Luar is also an ongoing exploration of feminine rhythmic creativity, engaging critically with gender imbalances in drumming traditions worldwide as well as the music industry at large. With a unique mixture of intricate arrangements, vocal harmonies, dance, movement and a spectacular array of DRUMS, Baque Luar will rock you.


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