Glynde place, east sussex 5-7th July 2024

Ugandan-born songwriter Jon Muq makes soulful, expressive pop music, rooted in his vibrant guitar and piano playing and his stirring voice. Growing up poor in the urban slum of Uganda’s Capital Kampala, “I always listened to and appreciated sound,” says Muq. “Guitars are very, very rare in Africa, but I was walking one evening and I saw a guy playing guitar, and I thought to myself ‘This instrument is going to give me my answers.’ So every day I would walk ten miles to go to that guy’s place, just to see him play and learn about guitars.”

As a native of the African nation of Uganda, and current resident of the American musical mecca of Austin, Texas, Jon Muq embodies a unique mix of influences. His distinctive recordings merge traditional instruments with a variety of exotic sounds and rhythms, providing a striking backbone to his heartfelt songwriting, effortless vocals, and captivating performing style. His personally-charged lyrics underline his talent as a writer, giving the listener a poetic glimpse into his life experiences and his inner world.


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