Food Village


You can't spend a weekend getting lost in music without the right fuel to keep you going. So at Love Supreme we have curated the most mouth-watering array of Street Food to make your weekend a delight for all the senses. If you've got a sweet tooth or a strictly savory, just need a quick snack or something more hearty we've got a wide range of options to keep you satisfied. 

Please find the complete list of vendors at this year's festival below:

Gordons Sweets (1)

Cornucopia (Corn stall) (1)

Ice Cream Kiosk (1)

Ice Cream Vans (1)

Paellaria (1)

Shippy Chippy

Lalita's (2)

Chip Off The Old Block (2)

Goan Fish Curries

Coventry Event Catering (1)


Shaken Udder (1)

The Meating Point

Wrappers Delight

Burrito Boys (1)

Caribbean Jerk (1)

Crispy Duck Rotisserie

Mr Wong Chinese (4)


Coffee Shed (3)

The Great British Sausage

Vegeteria (falafel) (1)

No Horsing Around (2) (3)

Frisky Avocado (1)

Wham Bam Tikka

Village Deli (1)

The Italian Kitchen (1)

Hedonist Bakery (1)

Gourmet Burger

Pancrepes (1) (3)

Churros Bros (1)

Cooffee (1) (3)

Vintage Doris (1)

Lahmacun (4)

Fiyah Pizzaria (1)

Coffee Shed (1) (3)

Greek Expectations

Wedge Shed (1)


Wildflower (2)

Toasty Shack (1)

Pulled Pork

Festival Wholefoods

(1) Vegetarian

(2) Vegan

(3) Gluten Free

(4) Halal

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