Glynde place, east sussex 5-7th July 2024
Accessible Viewing Platforms

There are accessible viewing areas throughout the site at Love Supreme. This is a mix of raised and ground level viewing with seating provided. While the areas are of a reasonable size for the event, spaces are limited and we encourage you to share the facilities and consider others’ needs.

Please request access to these areas on the Access Application Form. You will then be provided with 2 x Accessible Viewing passes per successful application and these must be shown in order to access the accessible viewing areas.

Access Application Form

Please click here to complete the Access Application Form and request use of the accessible facilities and free Personal Assistant ticket. We will respond within 14 days to the email address you provide. Your application isn’t approved until you receive an email from Love Supreme Festival.

Please note, we will start dispatching the Access Accreditation on Monday 10th June 2024. This allows us enough time to process all applications and send out final information and accreditation before the event. We will do our best to accommodate any late applications but Live In Vehicle User applications will be closed from the 10th of June.

If you have any questions while filling out the form, please contact us at

Access Enquiries

If you have any queries, please contact us at

Event Timings

The campsites open to camping ticket holders at 12pm on Friday and need to be vacated by 12pm on Monday.

The festival arena will open to Weekend No Camping ticket holders from 3pm on Friday.

The arena will open at 11am on Saturday and Sunday to Weekend No Camping and Day ticket holders.

Car parks will open from 10am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Access Map

The Access Map will be published on the Access Information page of the festival website in advance of the event so that you can familiarise yourself with the site before you arrive.

Accessible Campsite

We have a dedicated Accessible Campsite, with accessible toilets and showers, located approximately 300m from the Accessible Car Park and within close reach of the main festival arena.

The Accessible Campsite is for tent camping only. Cars are not allowed in the campsite and we do not offer power hook ups to individual tents.

Festival staff will not be able to provide physical assistance to move luggage between car parks and campsites, or to put up tents. If you require assistance of this nature, you must bring along a Personal Assistant who is capable of supporting your needs.

Please let us know if you would like to camp in the Accessible Campsite on the Access Application Form. Please note, there are no accessible facilities in the General or Premium campsites.

In addition to a Personal Assistant, you are allowed up to four guests to camp with you in the Accessible Campsite. Please advise of your numbers on the Access Application Form so we can accommodate your group.

Accessible Car Park

There is an Accessible Car Park in the General Campsite car park. Please have your blue badge on display and inform the stewards that you would like to park there when you arrive.

If you don’t have a blue badge but someone in your party has a disability or a condition which means that they cannot travel very far from the car, please let our stewards know when you arrive. They will do their best to accommodate you in the Accessible Car Park.

The distance from Accessible Car Park to the Accessible Campsite is approximately 200 metres on a grass surface.

If you do intend to use the Accessible Car Park, please let us know on the Access Application Form so we can get an idea of numbers.

Please note, all drivers must purchase a Car Park Pass (either online from our ticket page or in cash on the day) to be able to park at the festival.

Accessible Live-In Field

We have a dedicated Accessible Live-In Vehicle Field, with accessible toilets and showers, located within close reach of the main festival arena.

Please let us know if you would like to pitch your campervan in the Accessible Live-In Vehicle Field on the Access Application Form. Please note, there are no accessible facilities in the General Live-In Field.

You will need to buy a Live-In User Ticket for each member of your party (excluding your PA), as well as a Live-In Vehicle Field Pitch Ticket of the right size for your vehicle from our ticket page. These tickets are your access to the festival and you will not be allowed into the festival or Live-In Vehicle Field without them.

The Accessible Live-In Vehicle Field is for live-in vehicles that are genuinely built or adapted for sleeping. Please also make sure you read our full Live-In Vehicle regulations info here.

Please use the Access Application Form to advise the number of people staying in the Live-In Vehicle in addition to the applicant and Personal Assistant. Please note, only one Live-In Vehicle per application.

If you do want to pitch your Live-In Vehicle in the Accessible Live-In Vehicle Field and want to have an electric hook-up, please purchase Live-In Vehicle pitch with Power from our ticket page and make sure you let us know on the Access Application Form. Please purchase the correct size Live-In Vehicle Pitch for your set-up.

Directions for how to reach the Accessible Live-In Vehicle Field will be sent out in advance.

Accessible Toilets

Accessible Toilets are positioned throughout the event and stewarded. They are located at:

– Main Stage Viewing Platform
– Big Top (Stage 2) Viewing Platform
– Behind the Info + Welfare Point
– Accessible Campsite
– Supremium North and Supremium South (Please note, only people who have purchased a Supremium ticket will be able to use the accessible toilet located in this area.)

Accreditation & Dispatch

To allow use of the various facilities onsite, Access Accreditation (such as wristbands and passes) will be issued. Access Accreditation plus Personal Assistant tickets will be posted out to applicants in advance of the festival using the postal address supplied in the Access Application Form. Please make sure you submit your full address.

Please note, festival tickets that have been purchased on our ticket page will be posted separately from the ticket agent they were ordered from.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome at Love Supreme. There are water points and bins located throughout the arena and campsites to ensure you can care for your dog’s welfare during the festival.

Buying Tickets

All applicants will need to purchase a festival ticket on our ticket page. If you think you are eligible for a free Personal Assistant ticket to accompany you, do not buy a ticket for them. You can apply for this on the Access Application Form.


In order to be eligible to use the accessible facilities and obtain a free PA ticket, we ask you to supply one of the following forms of supporting documentation:

– Front page of PIP
– Front page of DLA
– Deaf or Blind Registration
– CredAbility Access Card

There are two ways to send us your supporting documentation:
1) Email a scan or photo to

2) Post a scan or photo to Love Supreme Festival Access Team, U-Live, 3 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG

The document must be dated in either 2023 or 2024 and state the full name of the customer with access requirements.

Please feel free to black-out any information on the documents that relate to the amount of benefits paid or health conditions.

All documents will be securely stored and then destroyed once the application has been processed.


Due to the nature of the event and types of performance, there will be flashing and moving lights.

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistant (PA) tickets are provided so that customers who are unable to independently attend the festival can bring along someone who can provide the support needed at no extra cost. For that reason, we advise that your Personal Assistant must be able to carry out all support roles required, such as carrying your luggage between the car park and campsite and putting up your tent. The festival does not provide staff to do this for you. Please state the name and contact details of the PA on the Access Application Form.

Pick Up/Drop Off – Cars, Taxi’s & Buses

If travelling by car or taxi, please follow directional road signage to the Pick Up/Drop Off area as you approach the festival. All festival buses will arrive at and depart from the festival bus stop at the Pick Up/Drop Off area. All buses are wheelchair accessible.

Follow event signage to the main entrance from the Pick Up/Drop Off area. The distance is approximately 400 metres and the route is mainly along a flat grassed surface, however there are two areas of more uneven ground.


There are no accessible facilities in the Premium Campsite. If you have a Premium Camping ticket but require accessible facilities, we recommend you camp in the Accessible Campsite. Please let us know on the Access Application Form.

If you do choose to camp in the Accessible Campsite, we also recommend you don’t park in the Premium car park as this is situated at the South Entrance, on the opposite side of the site to the Accessible Campsite. You should park in the Accessible Car Park within the General Car Park.

The distance from Accessible Car Park to the Accessible Campsite is approximately 300 metres over a farm track and grass route.

There are two Supremium areas in the festival arena, Supremium North and Supremium South, that will have accessible toilets. Only guests with Supremium tickets can access this area.

Site Layout & Ground Conditions

The Love Supreme Festival site is generally accessible to visitors with mobility impairments. The land is reasonably level with a few inclines. However, please be aware that it is a green grass site with no hard-standing intersections. Between the arena and the Accessible Campsite, the Premium Campsite and the entry/exit to Glynde village, trackway has been laid across entrance ways to provide routes for event service vehicles. The trackway is 50mm deep and, in order to cross it, you will be required to make the small step up and down.
Please take the weather into consideration when planning what to bring and be aware that weather can have an impact on mobility due to the presence of mud. In some cases, if it is muddy, we may need to lay additional trackway or bark chippings in the most affected areas.


The closest station to the festival is Glynde Station. From here the free Glynde Station Shuttle Bus will take you to the festival bus stop at the Pick Up/Drop Off Area. All buses are wheelchair accessible.

The Glynde shuttle runs to the festival on Friday from 11.30am to 7.30pm and Saturday / Sunday from 10.00am to 3.00pm. The shuttle runs from the festival back to Glynde Station on Saturday / Sunday from 7.00pm until the last train and on Monday from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

If you prefer to make your own way from the station, please be aware that the closest festival entrance is the South Entrance which is approximately 800 metres up an incline from Glynde Station. Additionally, the Accessible Campsite is located on the opposite side of the site and is a further 600
metres away.

Welfare, Medical & Info

The Medical and Info & Welfare Tents are located in the main festival arena.

The Medical tent is open 24/7 throughout the festival. Welfare will be open within standard arena opening times.

If you require use of the Welfare Tent’s charging facilities for a wheelchair or refrigeration for medical items, please request this via the Access Application Form.

Our Access Manager is located at the Welfare & Info Tent and will be happy to assist you with answering questions and providing information throughout the weekend.


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