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MF Robots

04 / 07 / 2020
MF Robots

Jan Kincaid and Dawn Joseph met while working on a Brand New Heavies project and immediately clicked. Within a month they had written more songs together than they could hope to release with the Brand New Heavies and so, MF Robots was born. The name, MF Robots, a dig a generic popular music of the 21st Century. The band takes from from the likes of Anita Baker, Gladys Knight and Whitney; their classicism viewed here through a modern lens.

Dawn Joseph is key. A vibrant personality, both on and off stage, with a rich musical past – she started out playing bass with Phil Collins’ band and has sung with acts as diverse as Kylie Minogue, Michael McDonald and CeeLo Green – she’s a part of that lineage that connects Rick James, Nile Rodgers and Grace Jones. Her attire, which she designs and makes herself, is flamboyant and colourful and she carries herself with a flair and verve; the 14 songs here are testament and very much cast in her image.

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