Alex Curtis 'Sonic Brew'

05 / 07 / 2019
Alex Curtis 'Sonic Brew'

Alex has a multifaceted career as a pianist, composer, arranger and educator. He has worked in many different genres which stems from his interest in all styles of music which began at an early age. As a teenager he played guitar in rock bands and attended the Royal College of Music junior department studying oboe and composition. It was also at this time that he became increasingly interested in jazz, improvised music and the possibilities of the piano. This interest was propelled forward whilst at a rehearsal with his local youth orchestra, where he heard a bass player playing the opening riff to Miles Davis' 'So What.' This sparked a fascination with the music of Miles Davis which led him to discover Herbie Hancock and soon he had taught himself enough jazz piano to get gigs in his local town at weekends and after school. The piano began to take precedence in his musical life and many hours were spent improvising at the instrument, studying the jazz greats and also composing his own jazz inspired music.

At this years Love Supreme Jazz Festival, Alex presents his new group 'SONIC BREW'. This exciting new band exploring electronic and acoustic elements recently launched their debut album at great success and features on it a host of UK talent with Thomas Gould on violin, Daisy Chute on vocals, Kevin Glasgow on bass, Jamie Murray on percussion and Sophie Alloway on drums. 

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