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Dan-I & Sia

06 / 07 / 2019
Dan-I & Sia

Energetic dance duo Dan-I & Sia storm the stage at Love Supreme with their characterful, emotional style. Rising to notoriety as contestants on Sky One’s Got To Dance, the talented duo also featured in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. 

"The awesome intricate, passionate, poignant and mutually supportive blend of street and contemporary duet by Dani Harris-Walters and Sia Gbamoi still makes me smile." - Carole Edrich Dance

Here is two links to our videos. Energetic dance duo Dan-I & Sia lead a partner workshop at Love Supreme. Based around their street and contemporary signature style, this will be a fun interactive session for ages and abilities. Turn up solo, turn up as a couple or more, all-inclusive and all welcome.  

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