Big Top

Lucy Lu

05 / 07 / 2019
Lucy Lu

Raised on a Peabody Estate in Waterloo, Bower was more interested in football and friends in his younger years until he stumbled across his calling. “I used to have a piano at my grandparents that I’d fiddle about with as a really young kid,” he remembers, “but it wasn’t until I was like 14 that I started to give it a proper go.” Tinkering away during music lessons at school, reworking indie classics into piano-led versions, he quickly caught onto the freeform creativity that music afforded him.

Moving from piano to acoustic guitar, Luke began self-teaching his way around structure and form. A last-minute call from the prestigious Brit School, just five weeks before term was due to start, took that ambition further still. “I’d forgotten all about the Brit School!” he admits, “but they called up like, ‘Someone’s dropped out, do you wanna step in?”. Naturally, Luke seized the opportunity, where he was able to cut his teeth and learn the play bass and get to grips with electronic production elements, paving the way for his future sound.

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