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The Big 'Swing & Bass' Dance Battle

05 / 07 / 2019
The Big 'Swing & Bass' Dance Battle

Join us to see two of the UK’s finest dance crews battle step-to-step, slide-to-slide and side by side at Love Supreme! A UK Festival exclusive, infamous vintage hot steppers Swing Patrol take on the ULU Breaker's in this high voltage competition for the crown. Hosted by Swing & Bass, a group of party professionals led by DJ Fizzy Gillespie and making their name by twisting the sounds of the 1920s to 60s with a modern mashup twist. Step inside and see where Bowler Hats meet Bass and Lindy Hop meets Body Pop!

Swing Patrol are a vibrant, energetic bunch who love everything vintage and are passionate about their swing dancing. You may have recently seen them on Dragons’ Den, Call the Midwife or BBC Peoples’ Strictly. From high flying aerials to the basic dance steps and everything in between, Swing Patrol know how to put on a show, raise the energy levels, and create a whole lot of fun. At Love Supreme they will be again be part of our Festival putting on performances, dancing with everyone up for some dancing, and offering easy taster lessons. Have a dance with them and try your hand (and feet!) at something new, or simply sit back and enjoy the spectacle of great swing tunes combined with great swing dancers. 

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