07 / 07 / 2019

With Weightless, their second LP, London-based soul/jazz ensemble Teotima are celebrating friendship, creativity, love, meditation, progress, and the work of being happy.

Greg Sanders, Teotima’s musical director and guitarist, has crafted 7 tracks that take full advantage of the remarkable breadth and depth of talent within the band’s core members. “One of the most important things about Teotima is that the music is written with the specific players in mind - each player’s vibe - their voice and character on their instrument is an essential part of the sound of the group”.

This tradition of large-ensemble music written for the characters in the ensemble has a rich history stretching back to Ellington and Strayhorn, “Once I could imagine the players enjoying the parts I was coming up with, and start to hear them playing the tunes in my head – that was what I needed to be able to finish an arrangement or a tune”.

In the 6 years since Counting The Ways, the members of Teotima have been making waves with their own projects as leaders, as well as playing with contemporaries such as James Blake, Jordan Rakei, Waaju, Riot Jazz, and this wide-ranging experience can be heard in the band’s joyful and sensitive performances.

Once again the group have recorded as-live to tape at London’s well-loved Fish Factory studios, with Ben ‘Nostalgia 77’ Lamdin handling engineering and mixing duties. Weightless is set to further establish Teotima Ensemble as one of modern music’ most dexterous, globetrotting musical outfits, whether heard on record or seen live.

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