Glynde place, east sussex 01 - 03 july 2022

The last year has given us time to think about the power of live music. To that end, we have gathered some of the biggest names to have played our festival (and a few we hope to bring to the South Downs in the coming years) to talk about how their experiences of live music helped shape them personally and creatively. 

Unlike a record, a gig only exists in our memory: maybe the catalyst for a career or creative epiphany, a memory or symbol of a certain time in one’s life or just an unforgettable show that left a permanent imprint. After more than a year without the catharsis of large gatherings, we wanted to share and remember how important they were to us so we don’t take them for granted when they return.

This podcast is a collection of our guests’ tales ranging from legendary nights with Miles Davis to emotional experiences with Tom Waits in Paris, a transcendental Stevie Wonder in the south of France and even a couple of stories from Love Supreme.

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A very special thanks to Love You Live producer Hannah Blake at Entale Studios and to Love Supreme alumni Barney Dufton whose original premise the show is based upon.


Gregory Porter is our first guest on Love You Live, the new podcast from Love Supreme: one of our favourite artists and one of the greatest vocalists of our generation.

“They’re going to be big” is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in music but when it came to Gregory, it was inevitable. By the time he played the first ever Love Supreme in 2013 he had already outgrown his billing, and by 2017 he was a headliner. Gregory has been a part of the fabric of Love Supreme since the very beginning and so was the ideal artist for us to begin this new chapter with.

From seeing Shalamar at Disneyland as a child, to the importance of his family and a very special night with Stevie Wonder in the South of France, Gregory links the threads of his life to live music to weave a rich tapestry of his story.

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Love You Live is produced by Hannah Blake at Entale.

Get a taste of what is to come from Love You Live ahead of our first episode with Gregory Porter launching on 15th June.


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