Glynde place, east sussex 5-7th July 2024

What do Rock & Roll and Jazz have in common? Well, plenty of things…but to outsiders, the one thing these two genres share is that they are declared dead at least once a decade by someone who is looking in the wrong place.

While trends come and go, for the initiated liking jazz is not something you can just switch off. For the creators, it is a lifelong calling. While jazz may flirt with the mainstream or a city might be on a hot streak of producing so much vital music it’s impossible to ignore (hello London, Chicago & Melbourne) when those waves break the music doesn’t just stop, it evolves. The artists on this playlist are a testament to that and we have been fortunate to have each and every artist join us at Love Supreme over the years.

No matter how many times it is declared dead, jazz just keeps on kicking.

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