Glynde place, east sussex 4-6th July 2025

Love Supreme brings together people with a shared love of music. We look forward to welcoming you to the festival and hope you enjoy your time with us. 

All we ask is that you are respectful and patient with your fellow festival goers and the festival staff goers and watch out for each other. Festivals are incredible experiences but can sometimes be overwhelming for some. If you or someone you see looks overwhelmed and needs assistance, please speak to festival staff.


The Medical & Welfare Tents are located in the main festival arena, opposite the funfair, between the entrance to North Supremium and the toilet block.  

The Medical tent is open 24/7 throughout the festival. Welfare will be open within standard arena opening times. Both areas are there to help you with any issues you may have. Our  Welfare team can help with emotional support, mental health, crisis intervention, and alcohol and drug awareness. All members of these teams are trained and accredited professionals who are here to help.

Child ID wristbands can be collected here. These are for parents who would like to write their contact details on a wristband in case they are separated from their child.



We aim to create a space where everyone feels safe, welcome, believed and respected. Discrimination or harassment of any kind – whether it be on the grounds of race, gender, ethnicity, visible or unseen disabilities, sexual orientation, heritage, religion, age, family status, social class or education – is not tolerated.

If at any point someone or something is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable then please report it to our team at the Welfare Tent, or to the nearest member of security or bar staff. All reports will be formally logged and passed on to the festival management team for investigation. You can choose for your report to be passed on confidentially, or we can arrange for a member of the festival team to meet with you to discuss the incident in person. Alternatively, if you would prefer to contact us in writing or after the event, you can email the festival on 

We are here to support you and your experience matters to us. All reports of discrimination and harassment at our events are taken extremely seriously. Anyone accused of discrimination or harassment risks being ejected from the event and we will support the police with further investigations should this be necessary.



If you witness something that needs to be reported and addressed quickly, speak to security or the nearest person with a radio. They will be able to report the incident and arrange a quick response. 


If at any stage throughout the festival you lose someone you are with and are worried about them, speak to a member of security or head to the Medical or Welfare Tent where they will be able to help reunite you.

If you find a lost child or vulnerable person, please take them straight to a security guard or the Welfare Tent.


Lost property is collected throughout the festival and logged at Welfare. If you have lost anything, please head to Welfare to see if it has been handed in. 

After the festival, it is then sent to our offices where it is kept for approximately 45 days, please email to see if it has been found. 


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