Glynde place, east sussex 5-7th July 2024

The Love Supreme Community and partners are made up of the team working on the festival, our audience, those local to the festival, our local & national partners and the performing artists.

Proudly working with Brighton’s and East Sussex’s Best

We work with organisations across Sussex and in Brighton to create a festival which the area can be proud to host as we bring some of the biggest recording artists of all time to the natural beauty of the South Downs.

These organisations include New Generation Jazz, Tru-Thoughts, Patterns and The Verdict who ensure the local music community is represented on stage at Love Supreme. Behind the scenes, we use or have used local companies including: The Drop Digital, Studio Makgill, BozBoz, One Inch Badge and many others help us with almost everything we need to do in order to make the festival happen.

All are welcome at Love Supreme behind the scenes

Since the First Love Supreme in 2013 we have worked to ensure that people from all backgrounds feel welcome and comfortable in every area of Love Supreme, from performing on stage to pulling the strings behind the scenes through to just sitting back and enjoying the weekend. We continue to ensure this by:

  • Partnering with local and National career development organisations (including Black Lives in Music in London and Lighthouse in Brighton) to target historically under represented and socially disadvantaged groups for placement opportunities.
  • Ensuring that leadership roles within the artist liaison team are occupied by a diverse workforce, representative of the volunteers, the artists and society more broadly.
  • Creating ongoing career development opportunities for past volunteer including  recruitment, CV workshopping, network building.
  • Establishing and encouraging a professional ecosystem in which volunteers foster mutual support and grow their networks of both peers and mentors.
  • Creating an on-the-ground teaching environment which prioritises skill building and encourages open communication between volunteers and senior team members.
  • Striving to establish the artist village as a safe & respectful space for people of all backgrounds, abilities and identities.

If you would like to get involved behind the scenes at Love Supreme then please email us. To get involved in our artist liaison team please email and for more general volunteering roles please email

Internationally respected partners

As well as working with local organisations we have a network of partners whose reach and impact spans the globe. From those who have an active presence at the festival itself such as Jazz FM, Yamaha, Rough Trade, Jazzwise and Clear Channel who have been a key part of Love Supreme since its inception.


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