Glynde place, east sussex 4-6th July 2025
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Roni Kaspi, at just 22 years old, has been turning a lot of heads since her huge
breakthrough in 2020 as the international touring drummer in the global jazz bass
sensation Avishai Cohen trio. Starting on drums at 7-year-old (“I actually think the drums
rather chose me, than the other way around,” she says) Roni was mentored at the
prestigious Berklee conservatoire by Grammy-winning drums maestro Terri Lyne
Carrington before being thrust into the spotlight last year when her Israeli compatriot
Avishai Cohen hired her for his renowned trio on hearing her phenomenal drums on a
video posted on Instagram. Filling the stool of drummers as influential as Mark Guiliana,
besides a hectic international touring schedule, she also played a pivotal role on Shifting
Sands one of Avishai’s strongest trio recordings to date, which stormed all the ‘best of’
international charts of 2022.


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